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How to download Google books into PDFs files

Hii friends,,,,

i just got the information to how to download the Google books  into a PDFs.The steps include are

1. first of all download the google book downloader.

from here

2. after completion of downloading software install it...and open google books downloader..

for example if you want to download a book like this

3.after copy the address from the address bar and paste into the google book downloader

4. after that click on start...

the book is going to download....


How to fix the USB device not recognized problem in windows

Hi friends...

If you are getting USB device not recognized error whenever you are plugging any USB device such as MP3 player,pen drives etc

This error can occur because of drivers missing some times in that case we need to update our drivers or uninstall and again install the drivers,, if this solution also not works,,,

Just unplug the power supply of your computer using shut down method.. and remove the USB device from the system and after a one minute again plug in the USB device. Thats all........


How to find out age of any website?

Hi friends,,,,,,,,,

If we want to find out age of the website that you are is a simple technique by using which we can find out the age of the website....

for example if we want to find out the age of the google site...

Then go to this site... click on this link

then enter domain name here

then click on submit