How to detect Keylogger in your computer or laptop

Key logger is a infected file which enters into your system whenever you download any suspicious fie such as movie or software or PDF. Key logger tracks all your computer activities such as what your typing on the key board such as all your passwords and bank information are stolen. Some times it is used in office to keep track of employees and in home to track your children activities.

How to detect Keylogger in your computer or laptop

1. You must enable Anti Virus Program as well as Firewall in your computer or laptop.

2. Next Start>Run>type msconfig in the text box.

3. It will open System Configuration Utility window, click on Startup Tab.

4. There you can see so many programs which are running in enabled or disabled mode.

5. Now Disable or Turn off your anti virus and Firewall. After that disable all the programs by clicking on the Disable All button in Startup Tab.

6.  Now again check in Startup Tab, if you see any program which is enabled automatically then that program is Keylogger which is running in your System.

7. You can see the name and location of the Keylogger Progam, delete the program from that location.

8. Now enable Anti Virus Program and Firewall, after that Enable all the programs in the Startup Tab.

9. Restart or Reboot your system, from now there is no keylogger in your laptop or computer.

Note: Please perform this steps carefully because some times your computer or laptop may become unresponsive. Try at your own risk or you can use special software that is used to find out Keylogger in your system...


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